Agent Zero M toy gun

Agent Zero M Agent Zero M was a line of toys by Mattel aimed at the junior spy wannabe. This was during the height of the 1960's craze for spies (instigated by the early success of the James Bond films) and kids all across America wanted to go around in trench coats with weapons hidden on their persons.

The Agent Zero M toys were basically a line of weapons, some of which were disguised as other common devices. There were, for example, a still-photo camera and a movie camera that could each turn into a gun - a flick of a switch and a barrel would pop out with an audible click, the resulting toy being a hybrid of the two items like the later Transformers.

The Agent Zero M toys that weren't in disguise were straightforward military weapons: the Night Fighter was a machine gun with play infra-red scope and silencer; the Sonic Blaster was a bazooka-like weapon with a wide barrel that fired a blast of air.

There was also the Jet-Coder, a secret message-encoding and decoding kit.

In addition to the regular line of toys, there was also an Agent Zero M-themed Spy Detector game, and from Whitman, a coloring book featuring a very young-looking hero - perhaps an attempt to turn the 'Agent Zero M' name into a popular character.

Most of the gun-type toys in the line were designed to fire caps.

The toys in the line included:
- Jet Coder
- Movie Shot - movie camera becomes machine gun
- Night Fighter
- Pocket-Shot - pocket knife becomes pistol
- Radio Rifle - radio becomes rifle
- Snap-Shot - still camera become pistol
- Sonic Blaster
- Undercover set - playset that included the Movie Shot camera in a carrying case that also was a weapon
- Weapons set - playset that came with dark glasses, Movie Shot & Snap Shot cameras, and attache case that also became a weapon