Hubley Atomic Disintegrator

Hubley Atomic Disintegrator The Hubley Atomic Disintegrator is one of the finest examples of the toy ray gun.

Hubley had their beginnings in the late 19th century, and would go on to produce various models of diecast Western-style cap guns. The Atomic Disintegrator was their entry into the world of science-fiction weaponry, and an early one at that.

The design embodies the sort of futuristic forward-looking that was commonplace in the immediately postwar, pre-Cold War standoff world. The gun features a fat barrel with bellows-like flanges toward the front; along the top sits a small amount of cool-looking mechanical stuff. The words Atomic Disintegrator are clearly printed on both sids; on the port side is also a dial with readings between 100 and 500 (for the user to gauge how much atomic disintegration he's unleashing - less for people, more for bigger objects, presumably). The molded pistol grip completes the exotic look.

Although not really uncommon, the Atomic Disintegrator still commands a respectable price when found in decent condition. Boxes for it, however, are particularly rare, and bring very high prices when found.