Sparkling Electric Burp Gun by Marx

Marx Sparkling Electric Burp Gun Manufactured in England for the Louis Marx Co., this toy machine gun was first introduced in 1948. It mimics the the 'Tommy guns' of the era.

Measuring appx. 24" long, this toy features a contoured front grip, ventilated barrel chamber, sound and motion motor (attached to left side of front grip), ribbed center barrel, cylindrical bullet canister, embossed frame with rear mounted locking battery holder, and large wide stock. The Marx logo is embossed into the left side of the frame.

The battery compartment is located just above the trigger, below the front sight. It has the original locking mechanism and uses two D cell batteries. A squeeze of the trigger produces a rapid, loud, hollow-like bop-bop-bop sound, which is speed-controlled by the pressure of the trigger finger. While this action is taking place, the red barrel recoils in and out of the barrel chamber, as it emits sparks through the vents.

This toy measures 24" x 5" x 3" and is composed of polystyrene plastic.