Star Trek Rocket Pistol by Remco

Star Trek rocket pistol Beginning in 1968, Remco began offering a futuristic toy gun called the Star Trek Rocket Pistol. The 10"-long pistol featured a sci-fi design and a decal with the words Star Trek on each side. It fired either a yellow-plastic-tipped 'rocket' (also referred to as a grenade in the packaging) or a roll of caps.

A variation of the basic boxed set exists in which an 'Astro-Helmet' is packaged with the gun; it consists of an insect-like, yellow plastic helmet with large clear plastic eye pieces, and decals on each side.

Actually, the helmet and gun were originally designed to be part of the Hamilton Invaders line of toys a few years earlier; but the lack of success of that toy series caused these items to be shelved until they could be utilized differently. The success of the Star Trek TV series in 1966-68 gave Remco the opportunity to dust them off for re-branding.