Toy Guns

toy ray gun Toy guns have traditionally been a very basic, inexpensive amusement for little boys. Whether pretending to be cowboys, spacemen, or soldiers, nearly every boy at some point has owned a beloved toy that helped him defeat his imaginary enemies.

Since the Vietnam War, more violent toys have been downplayed by the culture, with a few exceptions occurring here and there - Star Wars rekindled a love of action toys in the late 70's, and in the 80's, the GI Joe action figures brought more explicitly militaristic playthings into millions of homes.

In the modern Internet era, thousands of grown men are going back and collecting the capguns, plastic space weapons, and popguns of their youth.

Western - Cowboy

2 Guns in 1 Cap Pistol by Hubley*
Alamo Holster Set*
Chief by Hubley*
Civil War Centennial Sidearm Set
Colt .45 Cap Pistol by Hubley*
Cowpoke Jr. by LoneStar*
Cowpuncher by Nichols*
Coyote by Hubley*
Davy Crockett Cap Shooting Rifle*
Davy Crockett Holster Set*
Davy Crockett Rifle by Ideal*
Dyna-Mite Derringer
Fanner 50 Cross Draw set by Mattel*
Fanner Gun by Rayline*
Flintlock Cap Pistol by Hubley
Fort Apache cap pistol*
Fort Apache Cavalry Set*
Fort Apache Quick Draw Holster Set*
Gene Autry Repeating Cap Pistol*
Hopalong Cassidy Double Holster Set
Hopalong Cassidy Holster & Gun Set
Johnny Eagle Red River Bullet Firing
Li'l Dogie Holset & Gun Set*
Marx-Man Ricochet Carbine*
Model 1860 Colt .44 by Hubley*
Mustang 500 by Nichols*
Mustang Western Holster Set*
Pal Six-Shooter by Kilgore
Panther Pistol by Hubley*
Red Ranger Jr. Cap Pistol*
Roy Rogers Shootin' Iron*
Roy Rogers Smoking Pistol*
Ruf Rider Cap Pistol
Spitfire Hip Gun
Stallion 32 Six Shooter*
Stallion .38 Cap Pistol by Nichols*
Texan .38 Cap Pistol
Texas Tom Holster & Gun Set*
Tophand Texas Ranger Holster Set*
Wagon Train Western Six-Gun*
Wanted Dead Or Alive Mare's Laig
Western Marshall Clicking Water Rifle*


Apollo Explorer by Remco*
Atomic Disintegrator by Hubley
Atomic Machine Gun by Ideal*
Cosmic Ray Gun*
Daisy Rocket Dart Pistol*
Double Barrel Space Ray Gun*
Flash Gordon Click Ray Pistol*
Jet Dart Gun
Lucky Tommy Gun*
Mars Gun by Daiya*
Rex Mars Rocket 2 Gun*
Space Automatic Pistol*
Space Cadet Atomic Rifle*
Space Gun (Nomura, 8" long)*
Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol
Space Patrol Rocket Gun
Star Trek Phaser Gun by Remco*
Star Trek Phaser Ray Gun by AHI*
Star Trek Rocket Pistol
Tommy-Ray Automatic Space Gun*
Tracer Gun
X-1 Flashy Ray Machine Gun*
X100 Mystery Dart Gun*


Clipfire .223 - AR/15 Weapons System*
Combat Marauder*
GI Weapons Combat-Line*
Guerrilla Gun*
Johnny Eagle Lieutenant*
Johnny Seven OMA
Luger by Crescent*
Springfield Model 1903 by Marx*
Superfire GI Joe Machine Gun*
Thunder Burp Machine Gun


Agent Zero M
Agent Zero M Nightfighter
Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster*
Crime-Buster by Topper*
Detective Special
Dick Cap Pistol
Dragnet Badge 714 Water Gun*
G-Man Machine Gun*
I Spy Official Shoulder Holster Set*
James Bond 007 9mm Submachine Gun*
James Bond Cap Pistol w/ Silencer
James Bond's P.A.K.*
Man From UNCLE Iliya Kuryakin Gun Set*
Man From UNCLE Napoleon Solo Gun*
Multi-Pistol 09 by Topper*
P38 Automatic by Lone Star*
Shorty Pistol WWSA 05*
Special Agent by Gabriel*


Famous Firearms Deluxe Edition Collector's Album*
Ghost Gun*
Johnny Eagle Magumba
MMP - Mattel Machine Pistol*
P-38 Clicker Pistol*
Pirate Cap Pistol by Hubley*
Sparkling Electric Burp Gun
Uzi by Esquire/Nichols*
Westchester Shooting Carbine