Wanted: Dead Or Alive Mares Laig by Marx

Wanted Dead Or Alive Mare's Leg Steve McQueen starred in the Western TV series Wanted: Dead Or Alive between 1958 and 1961. He played a bounty hunter who carried an unusual weapon - a shortened 1892 Winchester carbine, which he wore in a holster at his hip, as was fashionable with TV cowboys of that era. He called it a 'mare's laig' (mare's leg) because of its foreshortened barrel.

Louis Marx Co. produced a toy version of this weapon featuring McQueen prominently on the packaging. The toy gun could be 'fired' either by squeezing the trigger or fanning the top lever.

This toy was produced in two versions: the regular-sized version for pretend play, as well as a smaller, 5-1/2"-long version to carry in the pocket.

This toy was marketed in more than one packaging. One type featured photos from the show (seen at right) and another featured artwork based upon the photos. There was also a smaller carded packaging with line art, as well as a dart-gun version that came as part of a target-firing game.